viernes, 7 de junio de 2013


Más Slot magazine was started in 2002 to fill a gap in the slot car print media market. At that time the digital media was still in its infancy. The idea was to produce a magazine by slot car fans for slot car fans. We knew what articles our readers wanted to read because it was the same that we would like to read. Perhaps it is this philosophy that has made us survive eleven years.
In 2003 we published Mas Slot International, the English version of the same magazine. We only managed to publish 5 issues as the cost of translation, printing and transportation, (mainly to the United States) was huge and made the project unfeasible. To make it feasible the price of the magazine had to be more than a book! Now, thanks to advances in technology, we are once again going to try to reach slot fans in other parts of the world: United States, England, Australia, South Africa, as well as other countries where English is not the main language such as Germany, France and Italy, where they probably understand English
better than Spanish. This is because English has become the standard means of communication on the Internet and in most of the world For the time being Mas Slot will be able to be read digitally through the Apple Ipad tablet, and soon through tablets that use the Android language.
This #0 issue is a translation of articles from some of the magazine’s issues published in Spanish though it is not a complete translation of the publications.

We have selected articles from two of the issues published up-to now so that you may become familiar with the magazine. The layout as well does correspond exactly to the Spanish print version, since larger typesetting is used for easier reading on a tablet. The digital format also allows us more possibilities, unlike the paper media; for example the ability to include videos and direct links to web pages.

For the forthcoming issues we would prefer not having an exact literal translation of the Spanish version, for the simple reason that in other countries where this magazine may be read, there may be a different preference of slot cars. For example “Raid” cars are very popular in Spain but they are not popular outside Spain. And on the contrary, 1/24 scale cars are quite popular in Germany but not so popular in Spain. For this reason we will try to publish a different version in English compared to the Spanish version. And the Mas Slot English version will contain more relevant articles to its readership market.

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